I started painting Internet famous pets teaching a monthly Paint-Your-Pet class at one of those wine and paint bars. I would use these pets as models for my demonstration pieces. Because I'm a perfectionist, I would take the portraits into my studio after class and finish them out with my professional paints. When I posted these on social media, the response was nothing short of amazing. 

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These pets have had a huge impact on my life as now I have taken the step to full-time freelance artist with commissioned pet portraits as one of my specialties. If you know me, that's a dream come true. I have a hard time putting down the brush. Here is a collection of some of my favorite portraits spanning the last few years. All are done in acrylics and oils on canvas. Thanks for looking!

More info: christiesnelson.com

#3 Boo



TC 10 months ago

I love this dog...