The bromance between Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart is so pure, it seems to be eternal. From movie sets and theater stages to carnival rides and photo booths, the actors are not only working together, but they’re also enjoying their free time together. And their fans love their friendship so much, they’re even writing fan fiction, imagining how it should continue.

Author M.L. Brennan came up with a new version recently. “I think what I’d really like right now is a cozy British village murder mystery show where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are elderly widower neighbors who bicker a lot about their gardens, and also solve crimes,” Brennan tweeted. They went on to develop their pitch, and it quickly won over the Internet. As of this article, Brennan’s Twitter thread with the concept of the show has over 86K likes and 17K comments, many of which are begging TV execs to make it a reality. Continue scrolling and check it out for yourself!

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“Like a lot of ideas, there were a few things marinating in my head that all finally crashed together in just the right way,” Brennan told Bored Panda. “Firstly, of course, there’s what a lot of us have been going through with social distancing. I’m spending far more hours at home, since I’m now working from home (I’m a college professor) and pretty much all “leave the house” options are off the table. I’ve been consuming a lot of comfort media — books that I’ve read before and loved, TV shows that I’ve seen before and loved, and that kind of thing. This has also led to a lot of time paging through streaming menu lists, and I remember thinking that the classic British village mystery show was possibly about as comfort-viewing as it gets. So that’s how that image of people sleuthing around a quaint British village at the most beautiful stage of summer (which seems to be the time that all of them are filmed) got into the pot.”

The second part, according to Brennan, is probably the most straightforward. “I’ve been watching (and loving) the new Star Trek: Picard series. Patrick Stewart is so wonderful in it, and I was thinking how much I would love to see him in more things, and how really nice it was also to see a show that had a diverse age range in its cast. Which is when (and I suppose this is how the brain works) I started thinking that one of the strongest relationships in the original X-Men film is the one between Patrick and Ian McKellen’s characters, and also how much I love their real-life friendship.”

All of this made the author think of how fun it would be to have them in some kind of series, and eventually, a thought about British village mysteries struck Brennan’s imagination.

Others soon started suggesting their ideas to make the show more interesting

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No wonder so many people would like to see Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart working on this project — they have amazing chemistry, and it really transcends the productions they’re working on. Like in No Man’s Land/Waiting for Godot. The two were marvelous together.

McKellen and Stewart met all the way back in the 1970s in the Royal Shakespeare Company, but they didn’t hit it off right away. McKellen was already playing the great parts and Stewart — who worshipped him — actually found him intimidating. It wasn’t until they started working on X Men that the men really bonded.

“We had adjoining trailers,” Sir Patrick Stewart told WIRED. “When you’re in those kind of movies, you spend more time sitting in your trailer than you do in front of the camera, so Ian and I hung out together, drinking tea and later in the afternoon maybe something a little stronger and we got to know one another and the charm of it was that we found we had so much in common.”

To prove how close they’ve become, McKellen even married Stewart and his wife. He was the one performing the ceremony. Yeah, so if anyone can pull off Brennan’s story, it’s these two.

“I think the best thing [about their friendship] is just how delighted they always seem in the other’s company,” Brennan added. “They always come off as the other one’s biggest fan, and I think that it’s a beautiful example of what a good friendship is.”

And it pretty much exploded from there

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