Japanese artist Mr. Riu creates detailed papercuts of extraordinary complexity that are all cut entirely by hand using a craft knife. His works are mostly concentrated around intricate mandalas and delicate patterns created using a zentangle technique.

While Mr. Riu’s highly-structured artwork is strangely hypnotizing to look at, we can only imagine how much patience he must have put into it. “It’s not that I can do it because I originally have a great patience,” says Mr. Riu along with one of his artwork on Instagram. “I think that my patience grow stronger gradually because I want to do it.”

Captions of his papercuts mostly reference quotes of love and peace, nature and human connection. “I’m just hoping that my work will guide my son (and everyone else) to peace on Earth.” He also states that one of the most important things in papercutting is a “rhythmic sense”, something he’s obviously mastered. Do you feel it?

More info: Instagram

The Maple Peacock


NeuroMyelitis Optica Fish

Zenflower 07


Negative Twelve Leaves

Love me

Mandala With 21 Circles

The Scent Of Death Around The Earth

Sea Breeze Woman

Negative Twelve Leaves (Double Layered)

Mandala With 21 Circles


Skeleton With Poor Eyesight

Six Patterns

Jeweled Cherry Blossom

A Clockwork Sunflower