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I Take Underwater Selfies With Ocean Wildlife Like A Boss
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I Take Underwater Selfies With Ocean Wildlife Like A Boss


I think I’ve been diving too much, close to 5,000 times if memory serves correct, (I’ve stopped counting by 2,000).

Through the years, I have amassed a collection of Selfies with Ocean Wildlife, sharing my top 10 Underwater selfies from my many dives from around the world, more epic selfies coming so do stick around, cheers.

More info:

Synchromized swim with a uber friendly turtle, Anilao, Philippines

Sweet Selfie with Shoaling Trevaly, Anilao, Philippines

Insane Selfie with a Giant Manta Ray, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

Selfie with Nemo!


Selfie with Marine life is more fun.

Sick Selfie with a rare fish, Rhinopias Frondosa, taken in Anilao Philippines

Get Dizzy Selfie with the Sardine Run behind my back, Moalboal Philippines


Big Selfie, Tiny Whaleshark, Batangas, Philippines

Avoid the tentacles selfie, Oslob, Philippines


Selfie with a Giant Frogfish, one of my favorite sea creatures, Bauan, Philippines

Selfie with Hairy Frogfish, hairiest selfie of them all, Coconut Anilao, Philippines

Seahorse wefie with my cousin Agu, Sunview Anilao, Philippines

Behind the scenes video



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