In the history of criminal activities one name stands out, Pablo Escobar, the man infamous for large-scale drug trafficking. The Colombian drug dealer earned many titles during his reign “The King Of Cocaine”, “The Tsar of Cocaine”, “The Godfather”, and “The Magician”. In his heyday, he had a net worth of $30 billion dollars ($56 billion today), along with various multi-million-dollar mansions all around the world.

One of his main houses was in Medellín, Colombia, the region where he grew up. This huge mansion has since become ruins, but that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to visit El Patrón’s real-estate. In fact, his place has now been turned into a paintball venue where you can play with your friends. You can have a tour around Escobar’s house, visit the apartment where he hid his family, and his private jail called ‘La Catedral’ which he built for himself (it had a casino, a nightclub, and a spa).

Scroll down to see what’s left of the infamous drug lord’s mansion yourself!

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By now everyone knows the famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar

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He grew up in the city of Medellín where he started his $56 billion business

Once a proud owner of many multi-million-dollar mansions, his Medellin address is now only ruins

Image credits: Lavi was here

Image credits: Lavi was here

However, it has been repurposed as a paintball venue for tourists

Image credits: VIT Medellin

Image credits: VIT Medellin

For $136 you can enter The Cocaine King’s abandoned premises and play paintball with your buddies

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Image credits: VIT Medellin

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After playing paintball, you can receive a tour of Escobar’s mansion or at least what’s left of it

Image credits: Lavi was here

Image credits: Lavi was here

What used to be Escobar’s private disco has now turned into a bar for tourists

Image credits: Mark Mooney

Image credits: Mark Mooney

In the same area, you can visit a building where Escobar hid his family

And the famous jail ‘La Catedral’ which Escobar built for himself, it had a casino, a nightclub and even a spa

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