I bought this men’s shirt at Target clearance section for $10 in size XL. I loved the sailor boat pattern and also the fabric, the fabric is a thick, sturdy, high quality fabric which I liked. What you’ll need: -An oversized shirt(mine from Target) -matching thread -needle or sewing machine -scissors Directions: 1. Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. 2. Using a girl’s dress as a reference, cut the sleeves off and the top body piece, and take out the pocket. Cut and discard the extra fabric in between the shoulder area. 3. Sew the sides of the top piece together(shown in pink line). Make sure you turned it inside out first. 4. After cutting off the excess fabric on the shoulder area, you should now have a straight across skirt piece. Baste stitch 1/2″ to the edge(shown in pink line) and pulling one side of the string, gather it together. Sew the skirt onto the top piece. 5. Cut the sleeves smaller. 6. Sew along the pink line. 7. Sew the sleeves onto the top piece. 8. *I made a button hole and sewed the button on right below the waistline(when I cut the shirt diagonally along the waistline, I had to cut right over the button & the button hole so I had to make new ones). Estimated time: 1.5 hours Budget: cost of the shirt(mine was $10) Skill level: a very confident beginner to intermediate

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