Ben Brucker was tired of the plain, bland walls at the office of the creative agency he works for, so he decided to do something about it. His solution was to cover the office’s walls with a series of pixelated superhero portraits made from a total of 8,024 post-it notes.

Brucker writes on Reddit that it took him several weeks to plan and design the characters. He had the full support of his boss, who gave him a $300 budget for the materials and even helped him put the post-its up when it was time!

He explains that post-its were used because the agency would be moving to another office in a few months anyway, so they needed a design that was 100% non-permanent.

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“One day I just got so tired of how sterile and boring our office felt, I thought I should do something about it”


Ben decided to create superhero murals using 8,024 post-it notes


“Superheroes were the answer. I started working out the pixel grid and designing some characters”


“This is a creative agency. This is the kind of thing we are supposed to have on our walls, and the kind of thing that we enjoy”


“There are a lot of leftovers, and some colors from the packs were not used at all. I ended up purchasing about 9,000 post-its”


“Some wonderful people in my office volunteered to come in over the weekend to install the mural”


Brucker wrote that putting the mural up took “one day, from about 10AM to 5:30PM”


“Help was welcomed from people of all shapes and sizes :)”






A timelapse video of the mural: