Make people stop staring at the papers, drop their phones, and laugh and have some fun. This is the main purpose of the game that started in New York in the year 2002 and grows with each passing year.

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In Berlin, Vancouver, London, New York and several other cities of the world passengers took off their pants and embarked on public transport causing astonishment and much laughter wherever they passed.

Through photoshop, some artists made fun pictures.

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#1 Batman


Musicman30141 Report

Zenozenobee 11 months ago

I think that Joker or Superman underpant would have been funier. But you'll still manage to trigger the DC vs Marvel fanboys ;p

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#2 Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Noriss Report

varwenea 11 months ago

"I HATE ZOMBIES" waistband

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#4 Wolverine


DaemonDCLXVI Report

Zenozenobee 11 months ago

I love the way Gambit and Sabertooth are staring XD

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#6 Captain America

Captain America

Manosart Report

Jon Watts 11 months ago

I'm surprised they didn't give captain america some star spangled tighty-whities

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#7 Pope


bicyclewilli Report

Dee Hunter 11 months ago

Love the socks XD

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#8 Joker


Lark Report

Irene Bocardo Reina 11 months ago

I'd put a batman instead of some polka dots heheheh

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#9 Rocky


MRBIT Report

Allison Hytaku 11 months ago

Where does a champion go when he takes of his gloves..... or his trousers

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#10 Napoleon


Alloni Report

Kjorn 11 months ago

funnier if he had his hand in his underwear

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