Now it’s not for us to criticize another publication when they make a typo in their headlines, it can happen and it has happened to us here at Bored Panda too. However, this one, made by the Post-Journal a local newspaper in Jamestown, upstate New York, was as glaring as it was hilariously awkward.

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The actual story following the unfortunate headline was one from Associated Press, praising Roberts for her performances in the new movie ‘Ben Is Back,’ as well as the Amazon series ‘Homecoming.’ The 51-year-old is finding a new life in a variety of roles away from the romantic comedies she is best known for, and it is this, not her ‘holes,’ that we should be talking about.

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Due to the natural aging process and loss of elasticity, holes generally go the other direction with age and deteriorate somewhat. So perhaps Julia herself would take such a compliment in good grace. Seriously though, how is this even possible? There’s a good bit of space between the H and the R on the keyboard… A disgruntled employee? A genius advertising campaign? (it certainly worked if true).

Although the newspaper later published a correction (but not an apology), the damage is done and this small town publication has suddenly gone global. People just could not miss an opportunity like that to troll the writers and editors of this newspaper agency.

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