I am an artist and my material is an ordinary paper. Once I was approached by a brand of underwear in order to make image-shooting for wedding clothes. Wedding suit should hide the bride from the groom in almost all the cultures. In some countries it closes not only the body but also the face completely.

On the stage of sketches for shooting, it was hard to imagine stylized national costume, which would expose intimate parts. But the final result was so conventional that it did not seem vulgar and unaesthetic in combination with underwear.

The main thing for me was not to offend the sensibilities of culture bearers, whose costume I took as a basis. I enthusiastically took up the job for “Wild Orchid” brand because for a long time I had the idea to create a kind of world wedding costumes Red List. The ones in which the whole race put the story in which the centuries-old symbols laid. Costumes are unique not only in the world, they are unique in each individual family.

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Backstage photos by Roman Kharcenko