Whether you’re a proud beard owner or just sprouting your first patch of peach fuzz, here‘s something to inspire you towards new heights. These meticulously styled beards and moustaches appeared just 2 weeks ago at the 2013 U.S. National Beard and Moustache Championships on September 7th in New Orleans.

The National Beard and Moustache championships draw entrants from all over the nation to compete for best beard before a panel of judges. There are categories for full beards, partial beards and moustaches, each with their own rules, regulations and sub-categories. These range from Garibaldi and Verdi beards to imperial and Dali moustaches. Some categories allow aids like wax and hairspray, while others forbid them, demanding that the facial hair remain “natural.”

The pictures were taken by Greg Anderson, a professional photographer based in Las Vegas who had narrowly missed the opportunity to shoot the competition in 2012. He was ready in 2013, however, and is ready to publish a book about the competition in time for Christmas.

Source: Greg Anderson (via)