January has been very cruel – it took away two of the world’s most innovative and amazing artists – David Jones and Alan Rickman.

I grew up with them, got inspired by them and felt heartbroken once they were gone. You will be missed, but your incredible personalities will live on through your work!

I have portrayed them as the characters that made a profound impression on me – Ziggy Stardust and Professor Severus Snape.
I cannot say about them much more that has been already said. It has been a grieving therapy for me to crochet them – it made me feel that somehow, I will always have them by my side… Shine with the stars that you are!

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Two Legends

David Robert Jones, know as David Bowie, was in incredible innovator, reinventing himself on and on again

We will miss you, Ziggy Stardust

Alan Rickman portrayed as Professor Severus Snape – you were a hero in discuise, an incredible “magician” that put a spell on our hearts


We will miss you. Always…

Rest in peace…