it happened just like this:
my mom: “why don’t you make your nephew a giraffe?”
me: “mom, i’m not really into animals, they are not my thing …”
my mom: “so make it your thing!”

that’s it, suddenly and by total surprise i had to face the challenge of making a zoo series for my precious nephew! as so, i did not want to just doodle out a few animals, i wanted to make a series within the undefined space called “my style” what ever that maybe …
so here i am with this mini series ready, and more than i hope that you like it, i hope your nephews like it …

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the bored giraffe and friends in a storm

this is the first o this 3 piece zoo series … my approach was as in making an abstract drawing giving most attention to layout and color spread.

the camouflage tupi bird and the disco spider!

after working on an a4 i wanted to go bigger … keep the same feel and visual language as in “the bored giraffe and friends in a storm” yet give a new fresh touch, i thought that going from a black to white background may do the job.

elephant and gang in jungle.

i have already incorporated the one eye parrot and spider into my work, so why not add a monkey … and maybe enrich the “snake plant garden” with some crystals …