Over a year ago I’ve decided to draw my own version of Disney characters in modern times. Why? I wasn’t really pleased by those which were made by others. Many of them were really nice pictures but hardly add anything new into the designs. So I wanted to challenge myself and create something that can be different.
Bellow you can see all projects that I’ve made in 2014-2015. I tried to put an effort into research and make tribute to some cultures. I hope I’ve good job.

More info: pannan-art.tumblr.com

Anna, Elsa and Rupunzel

The oldest pieces



Pink or Blue?


“Not in my name”


Esmeradla (and human Djali)



Since Disney Atlantis was inspired by Cambodia architecture…


…as Hopi girl

Lilo (and Stitch)

Megara and Jane

Mean Girls by Disney.
Based on promo photo.
PS I love Megara, I don’t think that she is classic mean girl, but she fits the concept 8)


Why short hair?
Merida was a young, teenage rebel. In the movie, she was always against the way of princess lifestyle. And her hair show this very good – in her times woman should braid her hair, cover them – but she always had this “mess” on her head.
What would modern Merida do? She would cut her hair, because many of people would say to her – you have such a lovely, curly, red hair, you should be so proud, don’t shave it, cut it…
But she would surely do that. That fits her character.



And a little bit of memories – 90s kids will understand!



Why everybody forgets about her?

Human Nala

Snow White

and her tattoos

Tiana and Charlotte

Tiger Lily and Wendy

Decided to make Polish Wendy, bacause her name is sometimes used as variation of “Wanda” – name with polish origins. And as long, as Wendy was living in UK…


Bonus: Kuzco