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My Creative Twist On The “Selfie”
User submission
Photography7 years ago

My Creative Twist On The “Selfie”

Series of self-portraits I’ve taken during my travels over the past year. All the photos were created using a tripod, a 10-second self-timer, and some digital manipulations.

My goal with the series is to inspire others to be more creative with their ‘selfies’. Especially nowadays where it’s so easy to take a quick selfie using the internal camera on a smart phone, everyone’s self-portraits are starting to look the same.

We’re blending our identities within a style of photography which is actually designed to embrace our identities. Luckily, self-timers and camera remotes are starting to become more popular in the culture, and with that comes the opportunity for us to be more expressive and unique with our selfies.

More info: Facebook | Instagram



Pool Time

Me vs. Shadow

My Reflection Hates Me

Salt Flats with a Bunch of Idiots

Drone Selfie

Long Exposure

King Kong Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me

Times Square


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