Everyone has an embarrassing story happen to them every once in a while, but this mom… Her moment was so embarrassing it’ll make you cry with laughter!

This working mom blogger named Laura Mazza has muscle separation and is trying to get in shape, so her doctor recommended trying yoga to better her muscle tone. Unfortunately, when Mazza came to her first class, it was a complete disaster. Despite the fact the everyone in her class had nice tight yoga pants and perfect pedicures while Mazza was showing off her “froddo feet” and hairy toes, she had a cringeworthy incident… “Somewhere between the dolphin and the three-legged dog yoga positions, two of those burning garbage eggs slip out, and I let out a stinky fart,” Mazza shares. “I farted. I farted doing yoga poses. I’m a walking cliche. My pelvic floor has failed me.” Fortunately, it was quiet, and just maybe nobody noticed my farting in public. But what happened next… It’s so mortifying it will make you cry with laughter! Keep on scrolling to find out!

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