I sculpt and paint characters into broken and discarded things. I am calling them “Infestations” for lack of a better name.

You can check my previous artworks on peanuts.

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Mini Altoids Infestation

These tiny tins are sold at Target.

9-Volt Battery Infestation

Was shocked to find this had 4 smaller batteries inside of it.

French’s Mustard Infestation

Pugs are like real, cute, little monsters. I call this “Pugstard.”

Dental Floss Infestation

There was just enough floss left for the little guy in there.

Red Bull Infestation

This one just happened.

Coca-Cola Infestation

This was the most fun of them all. Here’s a video of it.

Secret Infestation

“My Little Secret” is a rather large one.

In case you want to make your own:

Walnut Infestation

The first one I made.

Nintendo Controller Infestation

People get angry when they see this. “How COULD you?” they ask. Well, it hasn’t worked in 30 years.

Beats By Dre Infestation

These are non-working cheap knockoffs that my friends’ son was going to throw away.

Bic Lighter Infestation

Was very scared to make a hole in this when I started.

Altoids Infestation

I have very fresh breath.

Lime Juice Infestation

Always use real limes when possible.

Mr. Peanut Infestation

This old, broken salt shaker never knew what hit it.

Rubik’s Cube Infestation

Another broken toy gets a monster makeover.

Anchovy Infestation

Good God these anchovies are gross. How did Shaggy and Scooby ever stand them?

Squirt Gun Infestation

A toy from my youth that quit working during the Reagan administration.

Campbell’s Soup Infestation

Andy Warhol always reminded me of a monster from the Muppets.