After fur nails, you probably thought that you had seen all the craziest nail art ideas. Well, we interrupt your pleasant day to bring you teeth on your fingers. More specifically, molar teeth. Nail Sunny, a nail art chain from Russia, came up with the design, and even they don’t know if it’s a good manicure idea or not.

“Yay or nay?” they asked in a video, presenting the unique nails. In just two days, the clip has been viewed almost 350,000 times on Instagram, and people appear to be leaning towards “nay.” “This is disgusting, very sickening,” one commenter said about these teeth nails. “It’s so sad that you guys [are] getting <...> worse. Freaky and not even beautiful,” another claimed. What do you think about this weird idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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Including the 4 wisdom teeth, adults have 12 molars

But some think you should grow a few more

Nail Sunny, a nail art chain from Russia, came up with this acrylic design

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And it’s not their first funky project

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People had a lot to say about the teeth nails

But what do you think?