Adding a cute and playful element to the mundane process of bookmarking, these sticky paper tabs let you create little landscapes and scenes on top of you books, ideal for research, study and quick reference to your favorite pages.

Pick a pack from the range of cities and natural habitats available, or mix and match to create your own book top utopia! Our favorite is the Sky pack (everyone loves rainbow right?) and the Tokyo set, because that’s where we’re from!

Designed by British designer Duncan Shotton.

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This is perhaps where Panda’s will feel most at home, relaxing in the grass amongst the trees.

New York City

Dah dah daaht dah dat, Dah dah daaht dah dat, “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, your book want’s to be a part of it, New York New York!”


Godzilla seems like a pretty happy chap among Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and other famous landmarks of Japan’s capital.


The space invaders have invaded your book!


Turns out the loch ness monster is real! …at least in super cuddly-looking paper bookmarked form

Hong Kong


These puffy white clouds and colourful rainbows in the Sky pack are enough to make even the dullest of textbooks happy!



Featuring the titanics worst enemy (icebergs!) and a few of JAWS’s brothers and sisters among surfers best friends.

London City


Mix And Match Sticky Page Markers

Keep it simple or just plonk a shark in the middle of the desert, or an alien in the desert.