The epic and unforgettable cultural phenomenon that is the Star Wars franchise left countless fans in its wake who was inspired to interpret that universe in their own way. Zahir Batin, a talented Malaysian photographer, combines his talent for photography with paper art and miniature figurines to reinterpret the Star Wars universe in his own way.

Zahir arranges various miniature toys and figurines of the popular characters into creative scenes and shoots them from close-up to make them seem like actors in his own personal Star Wars-themed adventure. Some of the cool photos are humorous (especially the ones with anatomically incorrect figurines), but many do an excellent job of creating drama, suspense, and emotion.

What’s also great is that Zahir shares the behind-the-scenes work that goes into his fan art on Facebook. Because he shares his techniques with us, anyone with a bit of photography and Photoshop experience sometimes can borrow from his techniques to create their very own dramatic scenes. He uses strings, wires, and twigs to position his Star Wars characters, using Photoshop to remove these aids from his final product.

Zahir’s a professional photographer – if you’d like to see more, check out his 500px account, or visit his Facebook page, where he also shares behind-the-scenes tips! And for similar work by other artists, check out this art by Vesa Lehtimaki and Terry Fan.

Source: 500px | Facebook | Deviantart