When a cultural phenomenon as big as Star Wars roots itself in people’s imaginations, it becomes bigger than itself – it can inspire all sorts of cool new creative projects beyond the original. One such awesome re-imagination is the “Star Wars on Kinkade” series of painting mash-ups by artist Jeff Bennett.

Bennett’s premise is simple – how would it look if iconic American painter Thomas Kinkade painted his idyllic country scenes and landscapes with Star Wars characters in them? What if an AT walker was rounding the turn on the quaint country road, or if an Imperial Star Destroyer was floating just beyond those cotton-ball clouds?

Kinkade’s works are known for their fairy-tale-like appearance and idyllic mood. In some of these pictures, Kinkade’s style clashes with the vicious beasts or soldiers inserted into them, while in others, they seem to blend unexpectedly well.

Another great example of creative work inspired by Star Wars is Terry Fan’s collection of steam punk Star Wars posters.

Source: rolanddeschane.deviantart.com