Just by looking at this beautiful couple you cal tell that Michelle and Barack Obama are head over heels for each other. The best part of it, they don’t even try to hide their love for each other. From cuddling and kissing in public to acting goofy together and sending each other heartwarming messages — many of us could agree that these two are couple goals. Recently, the former First Lady celebrated her 56th birthday. Like every year, her husband, Barack, took to social media to congratulate her. This year’s greeting was especially lovely, since, in addition to the greeting, he shared a lovely photoshoot of both of them. Clearly, people can’t get enough of looking at this beautiful power couple, since Barack’s tweet gathered over 2million likes and over 300k retweets.

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Just a few months ago the Obamas celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. They reminded the world of this beautiful occasion by sharing adorable messages to each other on social media.

Image credits: BarackObama

Even after nearly three decades together Michelle’s and Barack’s love for each other seems to be as strong as ever

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