Even though by now most of us understand that raising kids is not as beautiful as it seems, it’s impossible to understand the struggles of having kids until you actually have them. So, Weng Chen, an illustrator that goes by the name The Messycow, has decided to do an entertaining cartoon drawing series that shows how her husband has changed after he became a parent himself.

She’s been drawing since she was only 2 years old and it always remained an important part of her life. These particular parenting comics series took only a few days to draw, “I don’t have big chunks of time to work, it’s always a couple of hours in between chores and taking care of the kids”, Weng told Bored Panda. She adds that parenting and family life is a prominent topic in her funny drawings, “It’s fun and meaningful to document my children’s growth, as well as mine.”

For this year’s father’s day, Weng Chen surprised her husband with a tasty breakfast and a lovely family road trip to the countryside, we believe he truly deserved it!

Scroll down to see these cute comics yourself!

More info: The MessyCow

Chen Weng in an illustrator who decided to portray how her husband has changed after he became a father

Image credits: Chen Weng