We’ve all heard about the crazy cat lady, but why don’t we ever hear about crazy cat men? I don’t know, and neither does New York-Based photographer David Williams, which is why he says he set out on his strange but adorable “Men & Cats” photo series – to challenge that crazy cat lady stereotype by photographing fellas together with their adorable cats.

Some people tend the associate pet cats primarily with feminine friendship, but Williams (as well as yours truly, the happy male owner of an adorable kitty) insists it’s just not right – “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring” he told TimeOut New York.

Now, some readers may point out that the gentlemen in these cool photos don’t actually seem crazy, and that’s true. But we’re sure that they’re just crazy in love with their cute cats.

More info: davidwilliamsphotography.com (h/t: timeout, juxtapoz)