Hello everyone! Im Squidwizard and these are my two cats: Fritatta and Ciabatta. They’re each about 4 years old. Fritatta was an abandoned stray kitten found in a gas-station parking lot when she was about 3 months old. I bought Ciabatta from an abusive shelter environment when she was about 7 months old.

Although I’ve taken a spare few good pictures of them, for some reason I cannot seem to get a good photo of either of them! I’ve given up on the usual pretty-shmetty pictures that you’d usually want, and instead I’ve embraced how awful each photo is! Comedy and photography combined, am I right? 

Hello everyone! This is Fritatta

Yes, we spell it differently.

And this is Ciabatta

Both beautiful kitties

(And helpful-ish.)

Very sweet and proud

Graceful and photogenic

…sort of

Oh dear.

They always want me to take a picture

Because no matter how much I try

No matter how many attempts

(It’s heckin impossible)

It’s like a curse

But the best curse ever

So, everyone: meet Ciabatta

Ow! *^*

And Fritatta

My cats

(All of these were taken on my iPhone 5)