Recently we told you about Manny Gutierrez, the 25-year-old “beauty boy” who was chosen to be the first male Maybelline model.

Well, while many people have had nothing but good to say about his historic appointment, others haven’t been quite so supportive. One person in particular, namely a blogger called Matt Walsh who seems to make a habit of upsetting people on Twitter with his conservative views, even wrote a homophobic comment about it. “Dads, this is why you need to be there to raise your sons,” he tweeted alongside a picture of Gutierrez wearing makeup. We’re not quite sure what he was expecting to achieve with his comment, but one thing he probably DIDN’T expect was to be called out about it and consequently shut down by Manny’s very own father! But as you can see from his brilliant response, that’s precisely what happened.

More info: Instagram | YouTube (h/t: 22words)

A conservative blogger called Matt Walsh recently tweeted a homophobic comment about Manny Gutierrez, Maybelline’s first ever male model

He probably didn’t expect to be called out about it, but he got shut down in epic style by Manny’s own father!

Manny responded with some funny words of support for his awesome dad

He also had some important messages to share

And the internet had its own messages of support for Manny and his dad