Meet Marty Mouse, which isn’t truly a mouse, just like Virginia Wolf isn’t truly a wolf. He is actually an adorable little dumbo pet rat. Marty Mouse was rescued from a pet shop in 2013 where he lived alone in a plastic box. Now he has a loving home where his owners stay with him all day, letting Marty take his little rat adventures around the house anytime he wants.

As any other rat, Marty loves to snack, but don’t be fooled by the photos, he doesn’t eat unhealthy stuff all the time. As the owners state on Marty’s website, sugary snacks are only for the photos, though Marty occasionally sneaks a bite. If you adored Marty as much as I have, be sure to check out his Facebook and Instagram for more of his adventures.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, recently Marty passed away due to his enlarged heart. His owners are planning on continuing his Facebook account, since they have so many unused pictures and a loving fanbase. R.I.P. Marty, the most adventurous dumbo rat I’ve ever seen.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram