Imgur user rav1122 recently had a big realization. For some reason, he remembered one nice evening 7 years ago when he first met a friendly classmate on her way to the car after a night class. Except this time thinking it over again, he realized that he might have scared the girl so badly she never showed up to class again!

In his Imgur post, he shared the two versions of the story. The first one being his memory of how he perceived it originally, and the other one from the woman’s point of view. And we got to say, while it sounds all good from his side, for her, the whole situation could’ve been a living nightmare.

Scroll below for the story and take it to the comments to tell us what you think and whether you had similar revelations yourself.

This guy recently had a big realization about one situation 7 years ago, which while seemed simple back then, now looks anything but

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