I spend my days in my home studio needle felting mainly bird ornaments for hours and hours. Needle felting means taking a bunch of pure wool and picking it with a sharp, barbed needle until the desired shape and details are reached. It's a slow and meditative process from the start till the end. I start with carefully going through the pictures of a particular bird specie, choosing colors and details, and then making it in the little wool sculpture. The final result is always a surprise as I do not make sketches.

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I'm a dreamer and wonderer about all the nature art around us but birds are my favorite inspiration at the moment. Why birds? I think because of their wings that give the freedom to fly. Wings are something magical for me in this physical world where gravity keeps everything on the ground. Wings seemingly bring birds beyond physical world, let them see the world and events from above. And from above it is always differently... Easier... Simpler...

Welcome to my colorful world of birds, feathers, fun and round shapes, childhood magic and wondering!

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#1 Needle Felted Budgies

Needle Felted Budgies

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Denece O 1 year ago

OHMYGOODD! I love them.

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#6 Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl

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Fred Littell 1 year ago

Very nice work

#7 Light Sussex Hen

Light Sussex Hen

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Anindita Sarkar 1 year ago

With her own set of Quail eggs :)

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#10 Colorful Pair Of Parrots - Jenday Conure And Red And Green Macaw

Colorful Pair Of Parrots - Jenday Conure And Red And Green Macaw

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Debbie Orifici 1 year ago

Are the Jenday Conures available in a larger life-like size?

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