We’ve got some news for you, but you gotta sit down. You see, the little kid from the Home Alone comedy series, aka the cursed TV menu for every single Christmas holiday since 1990, is not that little anymore. In fact, Macaulay Culkin has just made probably the most “couldn’t see that coming” type of announcement on Twitter: “Hey guys, wanna feel old? I’m 40. You’re welcome.”

It’s not that the news made everyone feel old. Everyone suddenly realized they’re ancient, and this bit is hard to swallow. Even more so, the forever-young comedy star has also declared he is about to enter a midlife crisis.

As you can imagine, people on social media were shattered, and while some begged him to stop, others would try to calculate how the heck this is possible. Please, someone, tell us that age is just a number and we all live in a simulation where Elon Musk is playing tricks on us, so we can just go back to sleep.

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Macaulay Culkin just sent social media into an utter frenzy declaring he is now 40

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

If making everyone feel ancient is part of Culkin’s job, he is nailing it

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

The 40-year-old former child star came to fame with iconic comedy series Home Alone, released in 1990. A whole generation grew up watching the film, which became an inseparable part of the festive season. In retrospect, 1990 might be the moment that the baby-boom generation lost control of the box office. It was the year their kids took over.


And many felt overwhelmed by the news

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With great fame came great personal challenges. At the age of 14, Culkin became legally emancipated from his parents; both had been trying to gain control of his $17M fortune in their divorce. At the age of 17, Culkin married another teenager, Rachel Miner, making the headlines for their young age. Moreover, Culkin’s sleepovers at Michael Jackson’s villa were also known to the public and he was even called as a defense witness at the singer’s trial.

The Home Alone star also said it’s about time to start a midlife crisis and surfing would be a perfect new hobby to pick up

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

Fast forward to today, 40-year-old Culkin looks happier than ever and runs a podcast as well as a satire website called Bunny Ears, which pokes fun at popular culture. In his recent interview with Ryan D’Agostino for Esquire, the actor confessed that “The poking, the prodding—honestly, it’s part of why I don’t do this anymore. Any of it.”

These days, the former child megastar calls himself Mack and is an active participant on social media. No wonder Culkin has 725.1K Twitter followers and 1M Instagram followers.


People helped Culkin to get an idea of just how cool he’d look as his new midlife character

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