As a graphic designer, I am very aghast by the existence of Uncle Vanya (fake Russian McDonald’s) or a Rossgram (duplicated Instagram), which cannot be considered anything other than obvious plagiarism. This bizarre case inspired me to create a series called "We don't need your internet!", where I show how the world's most famous social networks and websites might look under Russia's efforts to distance itself from the Western world combined with national pride.

Also, check out my previous post where I recreated logos of the brands that are boycotting Russia.

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The idea of new series came to my mind after I saw Uncle Vanya branding. At first, I thought it was some kind of viral joke and it took me a while to understand that this is really happening. And because I had an idea about Putinder a long time ago (an app where Vladimir is the only person and you choose between Like and Gulag), it started to look more realistic than ever before. Due to the success of the recent logo series, I was wondering if I was creative enough to create another, this time a little different and a little less serious.

I have to admit that I am really surprised by all the reactions coming with both series, they are mostly positive. I had almost no followers until the series, I am not that big fan of social networks. So it was a big boom for my accounts. But every positive reaction came to me in the real, „offline“ world, also. So I hope no one is ashamed to know me after all this.


There is absolutely nothing positive about the war. But the whole Ukrainian „situation“ is full of emotions and emotions always lead to creativity, in my case. Creating something is still some kind of therapy for me, so it helps me to filter my emotions and it tells my thoughts better than my mouth.

I started attending the local art school when I was 4 or 5 years old, I was probably the youngest there.

Honestly, I've never been a good drawer, but I enjoyed the endless possibilities of colors, shapes, and ideas. So I just did it because it was always a source of freedom and relaxation for me. Later, at the age of 12 or 13, I started experimenting with graphics software because, as a big fan of PC games, digital design excited me so much. And when I realized that there is a high school focusing on graphic design near my town, there was no going back…





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If I correctly remember Lenín was that person against whom Putin has always spoke. According to Putin it was Lenin who is guilty of Ukraine existence at all. I doubt that in Putin's Russia something like this would be possible.

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These days, whenever I have a creative block (often) and no sources of online inspiration (Behance, dribble, of course, Bored Panda) help, I go out and try to get inspired in the city. I really enjoy just going nowhere, I let the busy world around me just happen. It makes no sense to just stay at the table and push your brain to do something.

I don’t like to think and plan about the future. I want to live the present as much as possible, everything always happened differently than I planned and it was often disappointing. So I just let it be, if I have an inner need to create something, I'll do it. But if I'm not sure that's exactly what I want to say or do, I won't. I don’t like limits and high expectations, so I don’t want to set them to myself.

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While many western brands have already boycotted the Russian market, there are also many that are still operating, which is dissapointing

Image credits: YourAnonTV

Image credits: iryna.shvy

Please try not to purchase anything from these brands in solidarity with Ukraine. If you're looking for more ways to support Ukraine, check out this post