When you order something online, there’s always that little doubt if the product will live up to your expectations. So naturally, after Kay purchased ‘Liquid Ass‘ from Amazon, she didn’t know if there were enough liquid and enough ass in the bottle. To find out, she has decided to use it for a prank on her boyfriend, and it escalated ridiculously fast.

To our amusement, Kay wrote the whole story down as a review for ‘Liquid Ass.’ Scroll down to read how she used the sinister spray which describes itself as a “highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray” that “smells like ASS … only worse.” Also, tell us in the comments if her text deserves a spot in our most hilarious Amazon review list.

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‘Liquid Ass’ is a thing, and (un)surprisingly, there is quite a demand for it

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People are using it in a huge variety of situations, but this girl took it to another level

If you need more reassurance before buying stinky ass in a can, there are a lot of reviews that are just as vivid

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