As you most likely already know, LinkedIn is a social media platform which is considered to be the word’s largest professional network on the internet. Most people seem to be using it to create an online resume, look for jobs or internships, look for potential candidates, and search for new connections. Though there are people who are pretty active on the platform, and at this point, it would be appropriate to call them LinkedIn influencers.

Recently, a post on Twitter went viral in which a guy shared a hilarious, made-up “success story” created by a LinkedIn user meant to poke fun at Linkedin influencers.

This post on Twitter currently has over 400k likes as well as almost 80k retweets

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After some digging, we found out that this story shared by Lumo Solwandle on LinkedIn was actually inspired by one created by another LinkedIn user named Nikhil Narayanan.

And here’s the original post created by a user named Nikhil Narayanan on LinkedIn

Many people agreed with the message this parody was portraying

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And spoke some serious truths

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Some people even started turning this story into memes

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Some were intrigued by the story and had questions to ask

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Some users added to the irony of the post

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And apparently, one user even found a real-life example of the kind of posts this one was poking fun at

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