I specialize in creating lifelike animals through Needle felting. Needle felting is still a relatively unknown art form. It is done by stabbing into wool fibers with a very sharp, barbed needle over and over. The stabbing motion knots the fibers via the barbs on the needle and you can mold and sculpt the wool fibers into form.

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I usually start out with a simple wire armature, the skeleton of the animal, and felt around the armature. I often sculpt claws out of fimo and add glass eyes of taxidermy quality. I work with tons of reference pictures.

I can only go this far with making animals look realistic. Working with wool limit my abilities, but I enjoy the challenge of portraying the essence of each animal and hope they come alive in my sculptures.

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Charming hedgehog couple

Adorable little bird

Spectacled Flying Fox

I needle felted this bat sculpture for the owner of a bat sanctuary in Australia. It was super important to me to get her just right since she is going to help teach people about Flying foxes. It has a wire armature throughout her body and wings and can be posed as wanted.

Cute Fawns

Mr. Jack Rabbit

Red Panda

Needle Felted Giant Anteater

I take commissions from people and love it when I get an unusual request! It took me about 2 weeks to complete.

Turtle eating its salad

Barn Owl

This barn owl is life size and took me about 2 weeks to complete. I needle felted this guy over a wire armature and sculpted his beak and claws out of fimo. He has taxidermy glass eyes


Barn owls are my favorite

Needle Felted Grizzly Bear and Cups

I was inspired by bear photography from Alaska, in particular by a photograph of this totally relaxed bear mama and her cups.

Adorable owl couple

Frog sitting on a mushroom

Peacock spider

White bunny

Playful kitten

Moluccan Cockatoo

I really wanted to show the personality of this awesome bird! Needle felted over a wire armature. Some of the head feathers have wire in them too to make them stand up and her beak is sculpted of fimo and hand painted.