Visibility is hugely important to brands, which is why they want to see their logo everywhere, but there’s a price to pay for such widespread exposure, not just financially but ecologically as well.

As you can see below however, there’s a simple way to reduce these costs, and that’s by using less ink. The idea, called Ecobranding, is a new conceptual experiment aimed at making brands more eco-friendly while at the same time saving millions of dollars in production costs. From McDonald’s and Apple to H&M and FedEx, the streamlined examples you can find here maintain the essence of each specific logo while simultaneously making it more cost-effective for both the manufacturer and the environment. How do you think they compare to the originals? Let us know in the comments below.

More info: Ecobranding (h/t: designtaxi)

Did you know that printer ink costs twice as much as Chanel N°5?

Ecobranding aims to reduce that cost by using less ink in logos

This will also reduce the environmental impact of printing millions of logos




Coca Cola



Luis Vuiton



How do you think these examples compare to the originals?