A new online video captured a bunch of homophobes talking a walk of shame at the Kimpton hotel pool in Sacramento. The footage shared by The Black Bay Area media shows enraged pool guests storming off after allegedly telling “a queer black woman… stop kissing her girlfriend in the pool because there were children present!” But the guests were not buying into any of this homophobic BS, as they shamed the entitled ‘white party’ out of the Kimpton pool.

The incident didn’t stay unnoticed, catching the attention of 109,577 people on Instagram, including celebrities like comedian Kathy Griffin. Meanwhile, Alex Sanchez, the director of Sacramento LGBTQ+ Community Center, argues that the video reveals a double standard when it comes to LGBTQ+ and heterosexual relationships.

Sadly, the homophobic attack occured during Pride Month, which is a beautiful opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community and its friends and families to celebrate their identities and raise awareness of the discrimination they face.

This footage of homophobic guests being shamed out of the Kimpton hotel pool after they demanded that a lesbian couple stop kissing has gone viral

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The video CBS13 first reported on Tuesday shows the aftermath of what happened after a group of white women allegedly told a queer Black couple to stop kissing in front of their kids. The reaction of the fellow guests at the pool were dubbed ‘priceless’ online as they shamed the bullies out of the hotel.

But Alex Sanchez, the director of advocacy and training at Sacramento LGBTQ+ Community Center, believes the video highlights a double standard when it comes to LGBTQ+ and heterosexual relationships.

“Being transgender, being a Latinx woman, I always have that in the back of my mind, am I safe here? I want to just hold my partner’s hand sometimes but I don’t always feel comfortable because I don’t want to expose us to violence,” said Sanchez on CBS Local Sacramento.

The incident has also caught comedian Kathy Griffin’s attention


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Another person noted that the incident at the Kimpton pool is reminiscent of an attack from 57 years ago when a white man poured acid in a pool full of civil rights activists

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And this is what other people had to say about the incident and such hateful behavior

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