Nothing can compare with the beauty of nature, but you can certainly try with these leaf and twig place cards. They’re perfect for Thanksgiving, but could also be lovely for a fall bridal or baby shower. Use different materials, like crepe paper and corn husks (available at the supermarket), to give the leaves a variety of textures.

Materials needed: colored cardstock, crepe paper, corn husks, small branches, leaf paper punch, hot glue gun and glue, small alphabet stamps, stamp pad (alternatively, you could just write the names on each tag), scissors, double stick tape.

Step 1: Cut down real branches/twigs to about 4 or 5 inches tall. Try and use twigs that have offshoots and arms.

Step 2: Using a paper leaf punch, punch out leaves in cardstock, crepe paper and/or corn husks in a variety of colors.

Step 3: Cut the little stems off the paper leaves (optional) and using hot glue, attach the leaves to the twigs.

Step 4: Stamp guests’ names onto colored paper.

Step 5: Cut out the name and notch the end of the tag.

Step 6: Using double stick tape, secure the name tag to the stem of the twig.