People have always been curious about the secret to longevity and what makes some people live even more than 100 years. These 5 exceptional ladies have a pretty good idea, however – they were all born in the 1800s.

These amazing women lived through many major events in our world’s history, like two World Wars, the Cold War, the development of the airplane, the invention of television, and, eventually, the age of the Internet. These centenarians might be the closest that one could get to unlocking the secrets of everlasting life.

According to these charming ladies, the secret to a long life is getting enough sleep, staying active, exercising every day and eating things you like regularly. They’ve also got an edge as women; women tend to live longer, and theories on why this happens range from estrogen, which helps protect women’s hearts until after menopause, to social and biological stressors that lead men to injure themselves more often.

(h/t: imgur, usatoday, Guinness World Records)

115-Year-Old Susannah Mushatt Jones From United States (Born On July 6, 1899)


World’s Oldest Living Person: 116-Year-Old Misao Okawa From Japan (Born On March 5, 1898)


116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver, The Second-Oldest Person In The World And The Oldest Person In America (Born On July 4, 1898)

115-Year-Old Emma Morano From Italy, The Oldest Person In Europe (Born On November 29, 1899)

115-Year-Old Jeralean Talley From United States (Born On May 23, 1899)