Elizabeth Gadd is a self-taught 21-year-old photographer from Vancouver, Canada. Her signature style is to photograph wanderers and adventurers in magnificent landscapes.

Having been raised in scenic surroundings with mountains, forests and fields, she loves to wander and explore. Eventually, she started taking her camera with her. Sometimes, she takes her two dogs with her as well. She writes that she aims to “display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way.” That’s why a lot of her photos are self-portraits, as she finds her favorite serene locations when she wanders alone.

As she said in an interview with Phlearn, she is “entirely self-taught. Everything I learned came simply from hours of experimentation, the most effective method being taking on a ‘365 project.’ I hope when people look at my photos, they can feel what I felt while taking them.

More info:  elizabethgadd.com | Facebook| Flickr (h/t: phlearn)