It’s no secret that this quarantine has been pretty damn difficult for many of us. And yes, there’s nothing more difficult than being affected by the disease itself or watching your loved ones getting sick, but we have to admit that these past few months have also brought a handful of other annoying struggles. Some people realized that they can’t stand self-isolation. Some finally admitted to themselves that they can’t prepare a home-cooked meal without burning their kitchen down. And some have been renting premises for their leisure company but then the landlord of the site decided to kick them out and sell all of their belongings to their competitors. Feeling confused? Let’s talk about that.

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Recently, an employee of a leisure company shared a story about how they clapped back at the landlord who decided profit out of their eviction

A Reddit user u/poshbo shared their own quarantine story which was a real emotional rollercoaster but ended with an oddly satisfying note. Basically, the author of the post worked for a leisure company and prior to lockdown, the heads of the business were negotiating the renewal of the lease on one of their parks.

But then the quarantine happened, all of the company’s sites were closed down and the negotiations were postponed since there was much more serious stuff to think about. But then when no one was expecting the company received a letter saying that they had 7 days to leave the premises along with all of their belongings. Moreover, the landlord warned them that all the things that are still there after 7 days will become his property. And after a few days, it got even better. Suddenly they found out that the landlord has been advertising their park to their competitors and offering not just the building, but all of their stuff preinstalled as well!

That’s when the company decided that it’s time to leave. And not just leave but leave with a BANG. And they were determined to take all of their belongings. Yes, ALL of it – from the flooring they installed and the walls they built to the disco lights in the ceilings. The best part – the additional income from the sold assets has helped the business and paid staff wages!

This whole malicious compliance story unfolded with a silver lining

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