All of us were kids once and we know that priorities of a young mind are vastly different from ones of an adult. What matters most to a child are delicious snacks, enough playtime with their friends and, of course, a fancy new toy for their birthday. At times we think that children are simply too predictable in their simple wishes, but one kindergarten teacher was pleasantly surprised.

On May 4th, Twitter user Katt shared a note her sister’s teacher left. In it, Mrs. Petree detailed a 6-year-old Peyton’s unexpected act of kindness that had her sister crying. “Peyton is only 6 but believe me when I say she is going to change the world one day,” Katt said about her sister’s actions. People quickly responded to the original tweet, praising the little girl. Peyton showed that a simple act of kindness can change a person’s life, so read the entire story.

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Children’s actions are often seen as predictable, however, this 6-year-old surprised her teacher

Last week, the little girl’s sister, Katt, shared the kindergarten teacher’s note on Twitter

Mrs. Petree reported that Peyton did “the most heartwarming act of kindness”

The teacher rewarded the girl for improving by letting her choose who to sit with at lunch

However, instead of going for who the person the teacher expected, Peyton chose a boy who never gets picked

Afterwards, other kids started picking the boy as well and it changed him completely

Mrs. Petree said that it has reminded her why she loves teaching

And her sister Katt, couldn’t be more proud

“Peyton is only 6 but believe me when I say she is going to change the world one day,” she said

People on Twitter quickly responded to the story, praising the little girl