You can never guess what news you’ll find online. It seems that one of the best parts about the internet is that you can never guess what might go viral, and you can almost certainly never become a meme on purpose, it always happens accidentally. So, when a picture of two kids in a trenchcoat went viral, nobody was really surprised, but most definitely enjoyed looking at the photos since, while growing up, most of us wondered if the “Tall man in a trench coat” look really works. So if you ever wished to recreate this look, this is your chance right now, because, as you can see, it definitely looks legit.

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Recently, one Twitter user that goes by the nickname Roseynotes shared a post that quickly went viral

With over 460k likes and almost 100k retweets, the post quickly went viral, proving you can never guess what might go viral on the Internet.

The iconic look has a sentimental value to many since it was a popular look in many TV Shows and movies such as Little Rascals, Bojack Horseman or Calvin and Hobbes. Even though this hilarious “trenchcoat” look is quite popular on screen, not many try to recreate it in real life. We are not sure why, because the kids totally look like a grown up going to his work to do some serious business stuff.

This is not the first time people tried to recreate the tall man in a trenchcoat look

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Image credits: Pillsbury

Recently, there has been news online about a “suspiciously” tall man trying to see a Black Panther movie, unfortunately, the manager was not having it but it didn’t stop this tall man to receive 434k likes on his post on Twitter.

Needless to say, people online absolutely loved the idea

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