Jake Olson, an award-winning professional photographer and graphic artist from Nebraska, takes beautiful photos that are dripping with Midwestern aesthetic and spirit. His images inspire dreams of wide-open skies, gentle winds, and amber waves of grain.

Olson’s backstory is just as inspiring as his images. Believe it or not, he was 38 when he decided to pick up a digital camera for the first time. Until then, he had worked in the jewelry industry with a number of famous jewelers. His story proves that it’s never too late to make a change in your life and follow your passion.

Despite the fact that many of the kids’ photos share a similar Midwestern setting, Olson keeps them fresh with beautiful lighting and a few cute kids paired with adorable animals. The wide-open fields and rural-style clothing give them a strong Americana aesthetic.

If his switch was a mid-life crisis, it looks like it was a successful one. Olson is an award-winning photographer whose children photography has been featured in numerous prestigious publications and has worked with fairly famous clients. For more information and prints, be sure to check out his website!

Source: jakeolsonstudios.com