Keanu Reeves proves once again that he is one of the nicest, most thoughtful people in Hollywood (and probably the world). The 55-year-old Hollywood actor brought his mother, 76-year-old Patricia Taylor, as his date to the Oscars, and his fans can’t handle how wholesome and heartwarming they looked together.

Photos of Keanu and his mother went viral online. Some internet users exclaimed that the actor was acting like a “perfect” son and obviously loves his mom very much. The mother and son duo even wore white and black suits that complemented each other.

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Keanu Reeves brought his mom, Patricia Taylor, to the Oscars as his date

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Keanu is 55 years old, while his mother is 76

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The similarities between Patricia and Keanu aren’t just skin deep: he seems to have inherited at least a part of his humor and dry wit from her. When Ryan Seacrest asked Patricia about details on the upcoming The Matrix 4 movie, she joked that she knows “nothing” and only knows “about Matrix 1, 2, and 3.”


Meanwhile, though Reeves wasn’t nominated for any awards this year, he wasn’t just a spectator at the 2020 Oscars. Together with Diane Keaton, he presented the Original Screenplay Oscar. And the winner was… Parasite!

These last few months, Keanu’s been very busy what with making headlines all the time. For instance, in November, he was spotted holding hands with artist Alexandra Grant. This sparked rumors that the two were dating and that the incredibly private Keanu was finally going public with Alexandra as his girlfriend.

And who could forget the time that Keanu broke the internet when it was announced that he’d be featured in the new Spongebob Squarepants movie as Sage, the wise tumbleweed.

Truly, Keanu keeps blessing us with a bounty of good news. Like the fact that the 4th part of The Matrix is due to start production in early 2020. And we can expect the movie to be out in 2021.

People absolutely loved how wholesome and stylish Keanu and his mom looked together

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Other fans of Keanu’s praised him for being a great human being and complimented his mom on her looks