Who I am? I'm Helena Rochah, Brazilian, designer and illustrator, passionate about art, photography and colors. My work is developed through observations of pictures or real objects. I try to be as faithful as possible respecting the realism of the picture or object. I use different materials and textures in my work as colored pencils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pens and even coal.

Why diamonds and jewelry? Diamonds and jewelry to me has a much greater significance than its final value. The jewels are rough stones that after numerous processes turn into something beautiful and amazing. The same can happen to people; we can change, evolve, and grow to undergo several changes during our life and how rough stone we and our dreams and feelings can turn.

I believe it is exactly for this reason that the illustrations evoke both the desire and fascination of people, something that is often unattainable for having such a high value can be as close and real represented by an illustration. My goal with the illustrations is to turn wishes into reality, transforming the impossible into possible. Welcome to my world!

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