While some people might be quite used to wearing a mask over their face due to their job specification or religious beliefs, there are some who are quite bothered by having their face constantly covered now that they’re forced to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

But no worries, well-known YouTuber and makeup artist Jaime French has you covered with a perfect quarantine makeup tutorial if you’re one of the latter. She took up a challenge of painting a tiny face on her nose after seeing it here and there over the year and getting recently reminded of it after seeing a girl doing it on TikTok.

Jaime French has quite a name on YouTube for making hilarious beauty videos

She recently took up the new, quarantine-appropriate challenge of painting a tiny face on her nose

She started by… well, drawing a nose on her nose

To make her overall face appear smaller and better fit her new features, she also heavily contoured her forehead

French then moved on to turning the base of her nose into tiny lips

She even created a very expressive, tiny Cupid’s bow

After finishing up with the lip shape, she proceeded to paint it with a bright lipstick

She then went on to do the rest of her makeup

We have to admit that the tiny face on her nose looks surprisingly realistic

Even more so with a scarf covering French’s actual lips

Talk about quarantine makeup!

If the tiny face challenge was not enough for you, she offers a lot more hilarious beauty content, including this take on Carole Baskin’s look