Nikolai Lockertsen is one of the world’s leading iPad Artists.
He works as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry.

Here’s his latest stunning iPad artwork, “Boat Trouble”. A deserted town, a desperate boat owner, and a giant mechanical menace! Get a behind-the-scenes view of Nikko’s creative process and hopefully escape in time…

Check out some of the behind-scenes process!

I help run this website which is a collection of loads of free stuff, and a few courses if you’re really interested. Hope you find something inspiring! I certainly did.

More info:

iPad Art: Creating “Boat Trouble”

The finished artwork in incredible detail!

Planning and sketching the basic image layout from a distance.

Testing the rough colour palette of the whole image using Curves. Sketching the basic village.

Choosing a good position, scale and silhouette for the giant robot. Adding a sense of depth with colour and atmosphere.


Bringing the village to life with building detail and foliage. Adding the foreground boat and driver.

Detailing the robot with a lot of mechanical elements to keep the structure interesting.

Adding atmosphere, depth and detail to the whole image.

Creating water reflections, glowing eyes, and cleaning up the whole image ready for the final stage.


Adding a vignette effect, and using Curves to adjust the final colour palette giving the image a filmic quality.