Jaemy Choong, a Malaysian graphic designer, pokes fun at famous movies by photographing a “mash-up” of people and posters using his smart-phone camera.

By merging postcard-sized movie posters and odd poses from his “models”, he puts a new twist on movie posters and seamlessly blends fiction and reality. Every photo is captioned with references to the movies in his clever photos, which range from the classics to current hits.

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“I’ll be back. After this grueling workout.”

“Doughnuts for breakfast anyone?”

Happy Mid(dle Earth) Autumn Festival.

“Looks like the stress finally got to the team at work.”

“Reading up on some good waxing tips today.”

“Going to war is just a walk in the park for this Spartan.”

“I think the orange fro really adds Depp to his character.”

“In brightest day, on Friday night, no evil shall escape my sight.”

“Even superheroes can’t escape from the wrath of house chores.”

“Spent the Sunday hanging out with stars.”

“ET, Balik Kampung (ET, go home)”

“Abstinence never looked this hot.”

“Me. When I realize there’s only 24 hours left till i have to clock-in at the office again.”

“Careful, this chick bites.”