Sometimes even a simple picture can win over the internet. Well, in this case, it was two pictures that made waves on Twitter for a hilarious reason.

Marcus Williams tweeted a picture of a page from his high school yearbook of side-by-side images of him and his twin brother, Malcolm. From the first glance, the images look ok, one of the twins is smiling for the camera, another is in a more serious mood. But the images become way more fun once you read the tweeted caption. “My twin is the GOAT,” Marcus recently wrote on Twitter calling his brother “Greatest Of All Time”.

Yes, you read that correctly – there is one and the same person in both of these images. It goes without saying that people love this little harmless prank.

The tweet now has almost 250k times and many people praise the brothers for their sense of humor.

Check out the viral image below and let us know what you think.

More info: Marcus’ Twitter | Malcolm’s Twitter

Marcus and Malcolm Williams are twins from South Carolina who won over the internet with their yearbook pictures

Marcus tweeted a picture of a page from his high school yearbook

It looks like a simple picture showing side-by-side images of him and his twin brother, but in reality the pic got so much attention because of its caption

People praised the twins’ sense of humor

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So what did the caption say? That it was the same person, Malcolm, who took both pictures as Marcus was sick

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The love from all around Twitter was massive

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The tweet was liked almost 250k times and shared close to 60k times

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