What was supposed to just be an illustration practice every night took on a life of its own and became a tragic love story. It all happens in a whimsical illustrated world drawn over random objects found on my work desk.

All illustrations were drawn using Procreate on an Ipad Pro.

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“Please don’t let her know that I was here”

“I’ve wandered too far to turn back now”

She said, “Wait for me beneath the green blossoms which will turn pink when two hearts meet”

“You smiled at the stars like they knew all your secrets. So I collect them, in the hopes of hearing a whisper of your fondest dreams”

“My dream is that of a home just for us, built up there in the skies”

“Follow the deer and it will bring you to where your heart desires. But be careful, for if there’s a hint of deceit in your heart, you’ll fall into an abyss of no return”

The roads were winding and the waters treacherous. It was no joke, when they named it the Forbidden Forest

“In all my travels, I have never seen such colours. For that, I know I am near. Only you, can inspire colours such as these”

“As I trudge and plow and stumble and teeter, I know she is the one painting a path to bring me to her”

“Finally I see her, there, in the flicker of a dying light”

“We knew, right from the beginning, where this will end. What harm is there, to take one step closer?”

She holds on tight to the guiding light that will bring her her heart’s fondest dream. But the light has dimmed and night has fallen. Perhaps her wait has been in vain